Adroit Industries, LLC

A hospital came to one of our partners requesting a solution to a challenge they had in their new labor, delivery and recovery rooms. The nurses wanted a convenient way for the moms to be able to witness the birth of their babies without any of the drawbacks of portable mirrors.

Listening to the nurses resulted in the development of the LDM-100 Labor and Delivery Mirror. The nurses’ enthusiastic response to the LDM-100 led us to the belief that the LDM-100 could be a benefit to delivering mothers across the country. The nurses and moms that use the LDM-100 tell us that it benefits the mom, both with the process and the richness of her experience. In addition it is a plus for the staff due to its convenience and facilitation to the process.

Adroit Industries was formed specifically to manufacture and market the LDM-100. Our partners have over 60 years experience in designing, developing and selling products for a wide range of markets.

If you have questions about how the LDM-100 Labor and Delivery Mirror can be a benefit to your LDR, please contact us.