Making Second Stage Labor a Better Experience

Adroit Industries is dedicated to bringing a better experience to second stage labor.  The following journal articles and studies support our claim that second stage labor is significantly improved using a mirror.  The Adroit LDM-100 Labor and Delivery Mirror provides this benefit conveniently and effectively for your LDR.


 Visual Biofeedback: Adjunct Mirror Intervention during Stage Two Labor among Primiparous Women

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Abstract - This study determined the effectiveness of visual biofeedback in hastening stage II of labor between primiparous women administered with adjunct intervention and those who were not. A non-equivalent post-test design with twenty primiparous women distributed to both control and experimental groups chosen through purposive sampling. A 3 x 2 foot mirror to provide visual biofeedback (treatment), a stopwatch to measure the length of time elapsed from full cervical dilatation and effacement to the delivery of baby, and a tally sheet for recording of data were used in data gathering.

Findings show that the control group (not subjected to mirror) obtained the mean of 18.92 [minutes] (SD=7.17) while the experimental group (subjected to mirror) obtained a mean of 6.77 [minutes] with a mean difference of 12.15 [minutes] (SD=5.24). The computed t- test value is 4.37, which was greater than the table value of 2.23 tested at 0.05 level of significance. Results showed a significant difference in the duration of second stage of labor, thus, the use of mirror as a feedback mechanism during the second stage of labor reduces its duration.

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Bono, D.M. Pastrano, M., Ladonga, P.M., Ramirez, A., Laureano, Sellote, J., and Navotas, S.;  Cebu Normal University - College of Nursing
Vol.1 No. 1 January 2011 ISSN: 20984-9243 pp 204-216  Asian Journal of Health  Basic Research Section

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Maximizing Maternal Birth Experience through the Use of a Labor Mirror

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Women who used the mirror, more than half (53%) agreed that the labor mirror assisted them during pushing, added to their overall labor experience (58%), and was a positive experience (55.5%).

Maternal satisfaction can be enhanced with the use of intra-partum tools such as mirrors. Labor mirrors can be a low-cost, efficient, and effective way to enhance the maternal experience

Doyle et al., Journal of Pregnancy and Child Health 2016, 3:1

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 Use of the Mirror in the Second Stage of Labor _ Evaluation by Means of Semantic Differential

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Childbirth and especially the expulsive period are considered stressful events.These differ from other events, certain common characteristics: they have a high intensity, trigger intense emotions and [are] perceived as uncontrollable.

A significant proportion of women have far surpassed the[ir] expectation that the use of the mirror in the second stage of labor would encourage the[ir] pushing.Probably the view of the presentation in the perineal phase provide women with information on the outcome of their efforts and strengthen the reflection of pushing, confirming the feedback mirror effect.It could be seen as a process of self-control, which emphasizes the active role that women should take to overcome loss of feeling involved [with] pushing [in conjunction with] epidural analgesia.

In conclusion, the use of the mirror during the second period is favorably valued by most women and their partners.A significant proportion of women considered to see [the] birth stimulates the pushing.Its implicity and low cost are aspects to consider in its evaluation as a support tool.The possibility of using the mirror could be offered to the couple in the second stage of labor.

Emilio José Becerra-­Maya, Gloria Lapuente­-Jambrina, Veronica Maria Alonso­-Ortega     Index Enferm no.1­2 Granada vol.20 Jan.­June 2011
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  Use of the LDM-100 Labor and Delivery Mirror Enhances Second Stage Labor

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Adroit commissioned a Quality Study at a major metropolitan Level III Maternity Center to quantify how moms felt about their birth experience using the LDM-100 Labor & Delivery Mirror.  The sample size was 121 respondents.

Moms who used the mirror were asked to rate how the mirror helped them in three aspects of their birthing experience.  They rated their responses on a 7-point Likert scale.

The moms were asked to rate the following three statements:

  1. Using the Mirror Added to My Birth Experience
  2. Using the Mirror Reduced My Time of Pushing
  3. Using the Mirror Helped Me Focus
Moms overwhelmingly agree that their use of the LDM-100 Mirror added to their birth experience.  Responses were positive regarding the effect on their time of pushing and focus.

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