Adroit Industries Presents: The LDM-100

the Labor and Delivery Mirror that Really Works!

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Technical Information

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Hear what Moms say:

Mom and baby

The Adroit LDM-100 Labor and Delivery Mirror is a ceiling-mounted, remote controlled mirror that aids both mom and staff with the birthing process. When positioned, it provides a comfortable, clear and unobstructed view for the mom as her baby is born.

When the mom reaches the second stage of labor, the mirror is quickly and easily positioned for her using the wireless remote control.

Mounted overhead, the LDM-100 is out of the way of the staff and overcomes all drawbacks of portable mirrors. When not in use, the mirror retracts flush with the ceiling.


  • Helps the Process - Moms push more effectively when they use the LDM-100 mirror.  The visual feedback allows her to see her progress, particularly helpful when mom has received an epidural. Gives her more focus, energy and encouragement.

  • Enhances Mom’s Experience - Moms tell us her delivery was much more rewarding because she could actually witness the birth of her baby by using the LDM-100 mirror.

  • Builds Loyalty - When moms use the LDM-100 mirror, it creates a truly memorable experience for her. She will want to reapeat that experience with her next baby and will tell her friends that they should use the LDM-100 mirror, too.

  • Convenient, Easy to Use - The LDM-100 mirror is ceiling mounted, out of the way and quickly positioned with  the push of a button.

Hear what Nurses say:

A nurse talks about the benefits of the Adroit LDM-100


    Events Calendar


    Adroit Industries proudly supports many Perinatal Nurse Education conferences.  Our participation reflects our commitment to helping nursing staff provide a better birthing experience for moms.

    See our list of upcoming events where we will have the LDM-100 on display.  You can also see the past events where we have proudly participated.